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The Key Principles of Cancer Nutrition

  It is known that many cancers, although not all, can be preventable through diet and lifestyle changes. The World Cancer Research Fund have created a list of key recommendations to lower people’s risk of cancer, and also to help people improve their overall health after a cancer diagnosis. These recommendations are based on the […]

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Prostate cancer survivor athlete story

  When were you diagnosed with cancer and what was the diagnosis? I was diagnosed just over a year ago on 7th March, 2017. Following many scans and tests I was diagnosed with advanced, aggressive prostate cancer which had spread to my lymph nodes and bones.   Where did you go for your treatment? I was […]

Exercise, lifestyle and the lymphatic system

  Soreness and stiffness in the morning. Fatigue. Bloating. Itchy and dry skin. Water retention. Brain fog. Cold hands and feet. Worsened allergies. Sinus infections. These symptoms could relate to a whole host of everyday illnesses, and yet combined they might also indicate a congested lymphatic system. Whilst we are often tempted to treat symptoms […]

Keeping control of your body during chemotherapy

With 28% of cancer diagnoses being treated with chemotherapy, it is likely you may be prescribed this as part of your treatment plan. Chemotherapy is effective because it exterminates cancerous cells that are multiplying at an abnormally fast rate. Unfortunately, it also halts the reproduction of non-cancerous cells, which can cause a variety of unpleasant […]

Developing lean muscle mass: What, Why and How

 Q. What does ‘development of lean muscle mass’ mean?    A. Through a combination of exercise and nutrition, skeletal muscle can be developed both in terms of size and function. Muscle hypertrophy, the scientific term for when muscle fibre increases in size, occurs when the number and size of myofibrils (the building blocks that contain the individual contractile units […]

CV Homework: top 3 barriers and to how overcome them

  Not knowing the value of it  What is your cardiovascular system? + Your lungs provide an internal site where oxygen is diffused into the blood. + Your heart is the central pump where oxygen in the blood is propelled off to its various destinations. + Your muscles are the delivery destination where oxygen is diffused and combined […]

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Protein and cancer

Protein is found in every tissue in the body. It is essential for growth, repair and general maintenance of health. Due to its capacity to aid the development of lean muscle tissue, facilitate healthy weight control and support muscle repair, protein has become a hot topic in the fitness industry. It is for exactly the […]

Could exercise be an anti-cancer drug?

Regular exercise reduces the risk of cancer and disease recurrence, yet the mechanisms behind this protection remain elucidated. In the last 3-4 years, fascinating discoveries about the impact of exercise on tumour growth have been made. In a landmark study conducted in Sweden, a group of male participants were exercised on a bike for 60 […]

Two cancer myths uncovered

If you Google the word “cancer” your search returns quite literally millions upon millions of web pages, YouTube videos and online articles. Availability and variety of cancer literature is vast and quite overwhelming, but how much of it is accurate? There are plenty of empirical, fact-based resources about cancer, but there are just as many, if not […]


Kale (originally known as ‘cole’ or ‘colewort’) is a green, leafy vegetable very similar to cabbage. It is one of few green vegetables which grow well into winter (very hardy!). A light frost produces especially sweet kale leaves. It belongs to the ‘brassica’ family along with broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts, and exists in […]

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