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Exercising in the heat – what happens, the risks and tips to protect yourself

  Training in extreme climates can cause additional stress to the body on top of exercise demands. We would like you to be able to perform in any conditions, even when summer is in full swing. However, there are certain risk factors associated with exercising in high temperatures and extra precautions you need to take. […]

cardiac rehabilitation, London

Reducing diabetes through exercise

  Diabetes is a condition characterised by high blood glucose levels. There are two main types:   Type 1 Inherited Can develop at any age The immune system attacks cells in the pancreas so it is unable to produce insulin. Low insulin levels results in the body being unable to regulate blood glucose. Management by […]

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What you need to know about protein supplements

  The fixation on protein supplements – particularly powdered drinks or ‘shakes’ –  continues to grow in the world of health, yet an internet search will provide plenty of opinions but no clarity to one simple question; are they good or bad for you? Read on for our advice when it comes to protein.   […]

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Take control of your hypertension

  High blood pressure – a reading above 140/90 mmHg – is termed ‘hypertension’. A quick recap on blood pressure…   Why does high blood pressure put your health at risk? High blood pressure can damage the lining of the blood vessels and cause build-up of fatty plaque deposits, known as atherosclerosis. This can increase […]

cardiac rehabilitation, clinical exercise

CP+R top picks at Pint of Science

At CP+R we love science and embrace any opportunity to indulge our inner science geek with others who share our passions. This week is the Pint of Science festival. A festival celebrating brilliant scientists and their research in an informal setting – making science accessible to everyone. Pint of Science is happening in 21 countries, […]

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Top tips for a food diary-friendly dinner party

  Sticking to your 80:20 eating plan can be most challenging when you’re socialising as you can find yourself either wanting to throw the towel in and completely overindulge or opt-out altogether. Neither are good options! Food is a form of celebration and should be enjoyed and this doesn’t mean your food diary has to […]

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Foods that promote brain function

  Do you ever get to the end of the day and feel cloudy headed or slowed down by brain fog? Imagine what you could achieve with an extra boost of brain power. Your diet plays an essential part in keeping your brain healthy and fully functional. With our 5 best brain-boosting foods below, you […]

Exercise, lifestyle and the lymphatic system

  Soreness and stiffness in the morning. Fatigue. Bloating. Itchy and dry skin. Water retention. Brain fog. Cold hands and feet. Worsened allergies. Sinus infections. These symptoms could relate to a whole host of everyday illnesses, and yet combined they might also indicate a congested lymphatic system. Whilst we are often tempted to treat symptoms […]

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Heart-healthy pancakes

Not only are these pancakes good for your heart, they are also packed full of protein! Pancakes and topping combined, this recipe is a food diary winner. Recipe makes 2 servings of 2 thick pancakes and contains 25g of protein per serving.  Ingredients  For the pancakes: 1 cup of rolled oats ½ cup low fat cottage cheese […]

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Hydration, hydration, hydration

  Leonardo da Vinci said “Water is the driving force of all nature”. In humans, over 50% of our body is water. It is absolutely crucial to our existence and we can actually survive longer on water alone than on food alone. Water contributes significantly to both our physiological and psychological well-being. Dehydration causes headaches, […]

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