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Heart-healthy pancakes

Not only are these pancakes good for your heart, they are also packed full of protein! Pancakes and topping combined, this recipe is a food diary winner. Recipe makes 2 servings of 2 thick pancakes and contains 25g of protein per serving.  Ingredients  For the pancakes: 1 cup of rolled oats ½ cup low fat cottage cheese […]

Tom Kerridge’s Chicken Tikka Masala

Included in our Tuesday Thoughts email this week is this Tom Kerridge recipe that has been tried, tested and recommended by one of our athletes. As it is, it would score you 3/4 in your food diary. For top marks, swap the rice for a leafy salad with extra virgin olive oil or olives. Ingredients 1 […]

Christmas recipes

  Brussels Sprouts with Chestnuts and Sage Serves 8  Ingredients 1 kg trimmed Brussel sprouts 4 tbsp rapeseed oil a few sage sprigs, shredded, 200g whole, cooked and peeled chestnuts Method Steam the sprouts, to reduce the amount of nutrition lost. Heat the rapeseed oil in a large wok and add the sage and chestnuts. […]

What’s cholesterol got to do with fat?

Cholesterol and fat are essential for good health; fat is used for insulation and as an energy source, and cholesterol is in all cells of your body as it is required to build and maintain membrane structure. Both belong to a family of molecules called lipids; these are insoluble in water, meaning lipids circulate your […]

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Protein and cancer

Protein is found in every tissue in the body. It is essential for growth, repair and general maintenance of health. Due to its capacity to aid the development of lean muscle tissue, facilitate healthy weight control and support muscle repair, protein has become a hot topic in the fitness industry. It is for exactly the […]

Food synergy

As we all know, the food we choose to eat is crucial to achieving our health goals. A healthy diet should contain a combination of important vitamins, minerals, fibre, protein, antioxidants and more! Research also suggests that certain combinations of food groups can further enhance the effects of the food we eat to improve our […]

“Not all carbohydrates were created equal”: Simple and complex carbs

Carbohydrates (CHOs) are our main source of energy and therefore play a vital role in having a balanced and healthy diet. There are two distinct types: simple and complex. Why are simple and complex CHOs different? The differentiation relates to their ability to be broken down by the gut. A simple CHO, such as white […]

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Diet vs. exercise: A few facts to help you decide which to invest in

Over 68% of men and 58% of women are obese or overweight in the UK and weight loss is a goal of the masses. In general, there are three camps in which weight loss advice falls. A few facts from each are outlined below: …With diet alone A recent study showed that subjects lost on average […]


Alcohol has become part of how we socialise and relax. When consumed in moderate amounts, it can be generally accepted as part of a balanced diet. However, at increased quantities, alcohol can have detrimental affects on your health and well-being. What is a unit and how many should I be drinking? +  1 unit of […]

Understanding the impact of hormones on weight loss

Hormones play a major role in how we experience weight change. Not only do they affect our body’s response to food, they also make us feel better or worse when we change our dieting habits. Why, for example, do we crave sugar when we diet? Understanding the science of hormones when dieting can help you take […]

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