A healthy BBQ recipe you need to try this summer

  The UK Summer has arrived in all its glory, and with it comes BBQ season! Social events such as BBQ’s are bit of a nutritional minefield of burgers, hot dogs, ice cream and a few too many ice-cold beers. Although the thought of giving up that extra bread roll is daunting, here are plenty of positive choices you [...]

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Exercising in the heat - what happens, the risks and tips to protect yourself

  Training in extreme climates can cause additional stress to the body on top of exercise demands. We would like you to be able to perform in any conditions, even when summer is in full swing. However, there are certain risk factors associated with exercising in high temperatures and extra precautions you need to [...]

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Reducing diabetes through exercise

  Diabetes is a condition characterised by high blood glucose levels. There are two main types:   Type 1 Inherited Can develop at any age The immune system attacks cells in the pancreas so it is unable to produce insulin. Low insulin levels results in the body being unable to regulate blood glucose. Management [...]

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