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Demystifying blood pressure

We take your blood pressure before and after every CP+R session, but what is blood pressure and why is it so important? What do the numbers mean? A blood pressure reading is broken down into two parts:  “systolic” (the upper number) and “diastolic” (the lower number). Systolic blood pressure is the pressure exerted [...]

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Our BSCR 2017 conference poster!

  Our research for the British Society of Cardiovascular Research 2017 conference presented the findings of when our Four Pillar Model is used to reduce cardio-metabolic risk factors. Click HERE for a larger PDF version.  

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Protein and cancer

Protein is found in every tissue in the body. It is essential for growth, repair and general maintenance of health. Due to its capacity to aid the development of lean muscle tissue, facilitate healthy weight control and support muscle repair, protein has become a hot topic in the fitness industry. It is for exactly the [...]

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