cardiac rehabilitation, clinical exercise

What you need to know about protein supplements.

  The fixation on protein supplements - particularly powdered drinks or ‘shakes’ -  continues to grow in the world of health, yet an internet search will provide plenty of opinions but no clarity to one simple question; are they good or bad for you? Read on for our advice when it comes to protein.   Useful [...]

cardiac rehabilitation, clinical exercise

Take control of your hypertension

  High blood pressure – a reading above 140/90 mmHg - is termed ‘hypertension’. A quick recap on blood pressure...   Why does high blood pressure put your health at risk? High blood pressure can damage the lining of the blood vessels and cause build-up of fatty plaque deposits, known as atherosclerosis. [...]

cardiac rehabilitation, clinical exercise

CP+R top picks at Pint of Science

At CP+R we love science and embrace any opportunity to indulge our inner science geek with others who share our passions. This week is the Pint of Science festival. A festival celebrating brilliant scientists and their research in an informal setting – making science accessible to everyone. Pint of Science is happening [...]

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