Catherine was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in February 2016.

Since working with Catherine, we have supported her through a number of treatments. From maintenance of energy levels and the management of side effects during chemotherapy, to exercise rehabilitation and nutritional guidance during her recovery from NanoKnife surgery, the primary focus has always been on supporting Catherine’s function and quality of life.

Catherine’s training sessions at CP+R are structured based on her treatment cycles and how she feels and presents in the session. When energy is high, focus is on the maintenance and development of lean tissue mass during a resistance training session, however, on lower energy days Catherine will perform cardiovascular based sessions to support her energy levels and promote oxygen transport. The focus every session is to ensure Catherine feels better leaving than when she arrived.

The support provided to Catherine extends from her sessions at CP+R. Catherine’s daily step count is tracked, she is advised on weekly structured walks and additional home exercises have been prescribed to improve her balance and confidence.

We aim to create an environment where Catherine knows that no matter what treatment is next, the outlook with us is always positive and she will be treated not as a cancer patient but as a friend and athlete.

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We started helping Vim in late 2015 following a referral from her consultant cardiologist.

Vim was diagnosed with large B cell lymphoma. Interestingly, Vim found her way to us via a specialist cardiologist, as one of the side effects of her cancer treatment was an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Our exercise prescription for Vim required careful monitoring to take her treatment cycles into account. The team had to consider Vim’s energy levels during treatment as well as her risk of infection when taking her exercise sessions. Tailored aerobic exercise was used to boost energy levels and provide natural protection against the cardiotoxic effects of chemotherapy. Vim’s nutrition and activity levels outside of CP+R were also closely monitored to ensure they complemented her structured exercise.

Vim’s main goal was to increase her confidence and hope for the future.  The motivation, encouragement and support provided by her clinical exercise specialist was integral to her achievements.

Vim placed her trust in our entire team to provide the best plan for her throughout her treatment and into recovery.

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  • Berna, breast cancer

    “I joined CP+R after my third round of chemo following my oncologist’s and cardiologist’s advice. It turned out to be the best advice given to me as I believe it has contributed to my wellbeing the most, physically and psychologically. It has been 14 months since I started my twice weekly sessions at CP+R and I have had eight sessions of chemo, double mastectomy and nine months of Herceptin treatment during this time. Thanks to CP+R I definitely experienced less side effects than were expected. The sessions also helped me with self-confidence and motivation to go through a difficult stage in my life.

    It is not only the well planned exercise plan that makes CP+R unique but more so the personal attention given by the clinical exercise specialists. They’re all very knowledgeable in their field both in terms of exercise and nutrition, very motivated, friendly and genuinely doing their best to provide the best support they can. I always feel cared for and believe I am given a personalised program and attention. There have been many instances where I came in tired and stressed and came out energised and uplifted thanks to the team!

    I would recommend it to everyone who is undergoing cancer treatment regardless of age and ability.”

  • John, liver cancer

    LOC suggested that I join CP+R as part of my treatment plan.  That was nearly two years ago now and I have gone to CP+R on a twice weekly basis since.  I am a great believer in taking ownership of one’s cancer and refusing to be a victim of it, and working with CP+R has given me a real sense that I am making a strong, active contribution to making myself better.  One of the things I particularly like about CP+R is the constant stream of metrics I get, allowing me to see exactly how I’m doing on a constant basis, and to accurately measure my progress. 

    The team has been terrific and I would strongly suggest anyone diagnosed with cancer seriously consider CP+R as an integral part of their treatment. It’s been great for me.”

  • Nick, testicular cancer

    “I was referred to CP+R by my oncologist, who suggested they would help my recovery from chemotherapy. As I disliked all forms of exercise, I wasn’t at all convinced and signed up grudgingly. But the experience was a revelation. My clinical exercise specialist has managed to turn me from someone scared of the gym to a keen enthusiast, by a mixture of gentle encouragement, good humour and a real passion for getting me fitter. I feel better than I have done for years, long before I was diagnosed and am not only much more agile but mentally very positive too. Indeed, the impact on my recovery from the psychological impact of cancer has been if anything greater than the physical effects on my body. I’d wholeheartedly recommend it, especially if you, like me, have never previously bothered with exercise.”

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