Karen came to meet us early in 2015 after a consultation with her cardiologist.

Karen was under a huge amount of stress, principally associated with her work and was being treated for hypertension and hypercholesterolaemia.

Karen was eager to reduce her stress levels and associated cardiovascular risk factors. Once Karen had been assessed by our nurse and her clinical exercise specialist, our focus was to review her current cardiovascular capacity.  It was essential that we were able to prescribe an accurate training zone so that Karen started working aerobically with plenty of oxygen present. Working in her own refined aerobic zone would help to relieve her stress whilst improving her cardiovascular fitness.

Once Karen’s clinical exercise specialist was satisfied she could perform her cardiovascular sessions accurately he moved on to functional movement patterns and strength.  The development of her lean muscle tissue would be the key to improving her body composition and reducing her cardiovascular risk factors.

The trusting and productive relationship that Karen has built with her clinical exercise specialist over the last 18 months has provided the foundation for the changes she has made.  Those changes have put her health in an incredibly strong position now and for the future.

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In January 2016, Amanda was referred to us as she was experiencing palpitations, stress-related chest pains and following a resting ECG was seen to have T wave inversion, which suggested a trace of pericardial effusion.

Amanda’s chronic stress was physically impacting her with breathlessness during anxiety attacks and frequent insomnia. She was keen to work with us to improve her ability to manage her anxiety, increase her cardiovascular fitness and also favourably change her body composition.

Amanda’s blood pressure reduced after just 12 weeks of starting her programme, from an initial 150/72 mmHg to 128/70 mmHg, and her resting heart rate similarly reduced, from 62 bpm to 56 bpm. As a result, after just 12 weeks, Amanda’s heart was no longer having to work as hard as it was prior to her CP+R programme.

Amanda has gone on to achieve even greater results with her clinical exercise specialist. By the end of Amanda’s second programme with us, her blood pressure had reduced further and her resting heart rate had decreased.

A year into her programme, Amanda has now reached the optimal weight for her height. Her Hospital Anxiety and Depression scale reduced from an initial score of 24 to 17, which shows a fantastic improvement in Amanda’s anxiety levels and psychological wellbeing.

Improvements in Amanda’s cardiovascular health and reduction in stress and anxiety mean that she has significantly reduced her risk of cardiovascular disease.

She continues to commit to CP+R, setting new and challenging goals with each fresh programme.

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  • Diana, low confidence and anxiety

    “It took courage for me to contact CP+R. I wasn’t sure if I was truly “ill” but I did know that how I was feeling was affecting my quality of life. From the very first meeting I have felt supported, reassured and encouraged by the team at CP+R. A year on my life has turned around in terms of confidence to cope with atopic beats and stress. The benefits of improved physical fitness have been tremendous. I would recommend CP+R to anyone, not just those suffering from acute cardiac problems.”

  • Christopher, hypertension

    “I was referred to CP+R with anxiety about my health and fairly low self confidence. The team listened carefully to my concerns, were respectful but keen to motivate and designed a flexible programme that was quickly effective and fun. Each ‘athlete’ is seen as whole person and finding a suitable, sustainable lifestyle is part of the journey.

    My clinical exercise specialist is always knowledgable, interested and focused. She breathes confidence into the process and I feel safe but stretched. Over the months that I have worked with her she has built a quality of rapport that one would find hard to find anywhere else. I have become fitter than I have been in decades, have lost over a stone and a half in weight and now have energy throughout the day and into the evenings. My stress levels have subsided, my health concerns have virtually vanished and I have become positive and excited about the future. My family and friends have noticed this huge change and I even negotiated my 60th birthday recently without a care in the world!”

  • Dr RJS, poor fitness

    “For a wizened cynic reluctant to exercise and slim, CP+R offers a highly professional, sympathetic and hands-on approach to achieve the goals of a better lifestyle, improved energy, weight reduction and a complete loss of synisism.  Outstandingly good!”

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