New Year’s resolutions

– Oscar Wilde “I can resist everything except temptation.”

As 2017 draws to a close, we naturally focus our minds on what 2018 will bring. In politics, Brexit negotiations will come to a head, in the sporting world, Russia will host the World Cup for the first time. We also have another royal wedding to look forward to (or not). At CP+R, Ivor’s plans are in motion to make 2018 our biggest year yet. Individually, we’ll be thinking about what we want to accomplish; good habits we want to continue and bad habits to finally crack.

Whether or not we call them New Year’s resolutions, most of us have them. The question is, why do we find them so hard to keep? In 2015, in the UK, 63% of people who set resolutions had broken them by the end of the year and, of these, 43% lasted less than a month. According to psychologytoday[i], resolutions fail for a number of reasons, including: unrealistic expectations, inadequate definitions, poor time management and distractions.

New Year’s resolutions are, to all intents and purposes, goals and at CP+R, goal-setting (and more importantly, goal-reaching) is our raison d’être. Goals propel the company and the team, and they underpin every single CP+R programme. You carefully set them in your initial assessment, work tirelessly with your CES to accomplish them, and then appropriately amend them in your reassessment ready for the next programme.

How to set a goal that you will accomplish

Use CP+R SMART. The key to achieving any goal is to eliminate barriers by making it Consistent, Personal, Realistic, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Re-adjustable and Timed. If you do this, you’re significantly less likely to get caught out and fail.

Below is an example that is specific to CP+R, but the CP+R SMART method can be applied to any goal or New Year’s resolution.


Give it a try!
We’re here to help

Importantly, whether you use the start of the year to evaluate and adjust your existing goals, or to set new and exciting ones, please talk to your CES about how we can support you in the process. We’re fully equipped with relentless positivity and a can-do attitude to work with you to make 2018 the most enjoyable and inspiring year yet.




(i) Williams, R. (2014). Why people can’t keep their New Year’s resolutions?. Available: Last accessed 15th December 2017.