CP+R top picks at Pint of Science

cardiac rehabilitation, clinical exercise

At CP+R we love science and embrace any opportunity to indulge our inner science geek with others who share our passions.

This week is the Pint of Science festival. A festival celebrating brilliant scientists and their research in an informal setting – making science accessible to everyone.

Pint of Science is happening in 21 countries, 32 cities across the UK and over 20 locations in London.

Over the next 3 days scientists leave their labs and bring their research to you!

The festival communicates contemporary scientific developments to the general population with no prior scientific knowledge. The interesting and engaging style means there is no need to worry it’s going to sound like high-school all over again.

As much as we promote exercising our muscles and bodies it’s just as important to exercise your mind – why not learn something new tonight?

To celebrate the festival our CES team have chosen their top 3 talks at Pint of Science.

  1. The Culture Club 14th May 2018 https://pintofscience.co.uk/event/the-culture-club

cardiac rehabilitation, clinical exercise

We now know that human beings have trillions of good and bad bacteria living inside of them – could it be that they hold the key to good health?  In the first evening of a series which concentrates on the human body, join us to hear how the microorganisms that are present in your gut at this very moment can either cause or prevent disease in both you and your future children.

2. Mending broken hearts 16th May 2018 https://pintofscience.co.uk/event/the-heart-of-things

cardiac rehabilitation, clinical exercise

What becomes of the broken hearted? Grief and heartbreak can be terrible, but does a ‘broken heart’ actually hurt our hearts? What can we do when we damage our heart from a heart attack? Join us for a fascinating look at how researchers learn more about the human heart and how we might be able to mend a broken one.

3. Getting to the heart of the matter 16th May 2018 https://pintofscience.co.uk/event/getting-to-the-heart-of-the-matter1

cardiac rehabilitation, clinical exercise

How much do you really know about your heart? Can it really continue beating even when disconnected from the body? How many times can your heart beat in a lifetime? Come to discover more about this amazing organ and what happens if something goes wrong. 


These are the talks our team were most interested in, but there are loads more happening across the city, one of which is bound to pique your interest.

For more information about the festival: https://pintofscience.co.uk