Q&A with our Cardiac Coach manager, Lewis

What might a typical day involve for you working at CP+R?

A typical day for me would be to firstly check in on the wellbeing of the cardiac coaches and be aware of any barriers that are preventing them from being happy and healthy both within and outside of their role. I would then also work with other members of the team to reduce the interference that prevents a cardiac coach working to their full capacity and help provide whatever is necessary for a cardiac coach to deliver life-changing experiences for their clients.

How did you come to be a Cardiac Coach manager?

I had a family member who was diagnosed with a clinical condition and was given little to no support with their treatment and also no hope around the situation. I then joined the company as a Cardiac Coach and saw the complete opposite. The attitude of going above and beyond to provide the support and the hope that my family was not given, was so inspiring to me. This led to me then seeking influence over the team to ensure they also carry that same amount of inspiration with them every day and as a result, I became the cardiac coach manager.

What do you find most rewarding about your role?

The most rewarding part of my role without a doubt, is knowing that every single day, I wake up with a new opportunity to change someone’s life. I get to see this through both quantitative measures, such as body composition changes and cardiovascular improvements, but also being able to see the difference in someone after giving them that piece of hope and control back over their life. I don’t believe that there is anything more rewarding than that.

What do you think is the most important thing someone should know about CP+R?

The most important thing someone should know about CP+R is how hard we work to provide a life-changing experience for every client. I think this is important because if you were to ask every client what life-changing means, they would all give you different answers. This is because it is so unique to the individual. That is the experience that we aim to provide, unique to every person that comes through the door, we aim to find the best way that works for the athlete, to provide them with the results that they desire.

How would you describe CP+R in 3 words?

Unique, Inspirational, magical.