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Is interval training a young person’s game?

You’ve probably heard of high-intensity interval training, or ‘HIIT’ for short. It’s become widely popularised among both elite athletes and amateur fitness enthusiasts due to its reported ability to bring about positive health outcomes in a relatively short session and time period.When I say ‘positive health outcomes’, I mean improved VO2 max (which represents the maximum amount […]

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Why our Cardiac Coaches are crucial to helping people fight cancer

The role of a “Cardiac Coach” seems very relevant to someone suffering from cardiac disease, doesn’t it? But what about to someone fighting cancer? Well, it might surprise you to learn that having a Cardiac Coach is equally important when fighting either illness and where’s why…   “The benefits of exercise in cancer patients and […]

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The impact of dietary cholesterol on cardiovascular disease

The American Heart Association recently reviewed effects of dietary cholesterol on cardiovascular disease. The review highlighted a number of key points to consider regarding the impact of diet on supporting a healthy blood cholesterol concentration. What is Dietary cholesterol? Dietary cholesterol is found in foods such as eggs, meat, and diary products. When you break […]

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