Understanding and Overcoming the Effects of Quarantine

With further restrictions coming into play this week, CP+R’s Research Club wanted to investigate the potentially negative effects that lockdown has on our health. As we know, quarantine and isolation are well established methods of dealing with infectious disease. In public health practice, “quarantine” refers to [...]

Could the sun be good for your heart?

In this week’s article we are discussing a TED talk titled “could the sun be good for your heart?” delivered by Richard Weller, a dermatologist with a history in general medicine. “A Gradient of Health” In Britain, research shows there to be a “gradient of health” with your cardiovascular related mortality [...]

In middle-aged adults, what are the effects of high intensity interval training on Cardiovascular risk factor profiles?

HIIT training is a hugely popular form of exercise due to its seemingly quick results, high calorie burn and high endorphin release. However, it puts the heart under a high level of stress and without doing it safely, particularly those people with a weakened heart can put themselves in serious danger of having a cardiac [...]

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