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Understanding and Overcoming the Effects of Quarantine

With further restrictions coming into play this week, CP+R’s Research Club wanted to investigate the potentially negative effects that lockdown has on our health. As we know, quarantine and isolation are well established methods of dealing with infectious disease. In public health practice, “quarantine” refers to the separation of individuals or communities that are exposed, […]

Could the sun be good for your heart?

In this week’s article we are discussing a TED talk titled “could the sun be good for your heart?” delivered by Richard Weller, a dermatologist with a history in general medicine. “A Gradient of Health” In Britain, research shows there to be a “gradient of health” with your cardiovascular related mortality risk being higher the […]

The benefits of strength training

In this week’s article, we are discussing a recent review paper titled ‘The Benefits of Strength Training on Musculoskeletal System Health: Practical Applications for Interdisciplinary Care’ published in the journal Sports Medicine. What are the benefits of Strength Training? Strength training is a type of exercise which has begun to grow in popularity and for […]

Exercise: one size does not fit all

In this week’s article, we are reviewing current evidence that looks at why individuals should complete both resistance and endurance training, if they wish to see a positive response in both their strength and cardiovascular fitness. The STRUETH (Studies of Twin Responses to Understand Exercise as a Therapy) study investigated the response ofVO2max and muscular […]

High-intensity interval training

The widespread physical activity guidelines for adults recommends at least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity exercise. The benefits of completing this amount of weekly exercise are widely recognised. Despite this, the majority of adults fall short of the recommended physical activity guidelines with lack of time cited […]

This lifestyle change is reversing 

It is no secret that as we age, certain processes within the human body slow down such as metabolism or cognitive processing, while others accelerate for instance lean muscle atrophy or plaque formation within our blood vessels. Nonetheless, it’s important to stress that the rate at which the example processes above happen can be influenced […]

How to make stress your friend

In her TED talk titled ‘How to make stress your friend,’ Kelly McGonigal presents research that supports the idea that rethinking the way you view stress could save your life. In one of the studies presented, 30,000 participants were asked how much stress they had experienced in the past year and how they viewed that […]

The effect of meeting physical activity guidelines on health risk

A recent review article in released in the British Medical Journal[ (published 1st July 2020) has provided yet further evidence that physical activity has a significant effect on long term health and the importance of meeting activity guidelines. After all, physical inactivity is responsible for between 6-10% of global disease burden and 9% of all […]

A Pill Called Exercise

It is common understanding that exercise is good for you and broadly speaking people who exercise tend to have longer, healthier lives. But until recent years, researchers have tallied its benefits only in narrow slices: Exercise lowers your cholesterol and blood pressure; it helps you burn calories, it can improve musculature size and strength etc. […]

Research update: Stress, Depression and Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in industrialised nations, and this has been the case for well over a century. The physical risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease are now well established and for some time it has been hypothesised that psychological factors have a part to play in cardiovascular disease. In 2014, […]

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