About our cardiac care service

Our cardiac care helps people who require cardiac rehabilitation, cardiac prevention and those wanting to take better care of their heart health.

Exercising with a heart condition or after a cardiac event can be very daunting. You probably feel unsure what is safe and healthy. Our clinically prescribed and monitored, 1:1 health programmes are designed precisely to guide you through this. Our absolute focus is on your safety, enjoyment and supporting you towards long-term health excellence.

You will be paired with your own Cardiac Coach who will guide you towards your long-term health goals.

We inspire, support and motivate you

We will screen you before and after every session to ensure you are safe to exercise. Screening also allows us to determine what level of intensity is appropriate for you that day. Your heart rate activity is reviewed constantly via your heart rate monitor, by your Cardiac Coach and clinical nurse.

You can find out more about the CP+R process HERE.

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In this short video, one of our clinical nurses, Helen, explains some the clinical considerations for people exercising after heart failure, as well as the significant benefits of a CP+R programme. 

Cardiac conditions we work to improve include:

- Atrial fibrillation

- Hypertension

- Hyperlipidaemia

- Myocardial infarction

- Coronary heart disease

- Heart valve disease

- Stroke related cardiac illness

From prevention and rehabilitation our aim is always to move you to health excellence because we take a sustainable, life-long approach to living longer, better.

cpandr-cardiac-icon Case studies

Rosemary’s journey to CP+R started on the Trans-Siberian Railway in June 2018 when she fell ill with bronchitis and later pneumonia. Declining the offer of hospitalisation in Novosibirsk, she stayed on the train and on returning home went straight to A&E, where she was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. After discharge Rosemary was referred to her cardiologist, who first carried out an unsuccessful cardioversion. She then underwent surgery to install a pacemaker, and an ablation to burn out the AV heart node. 

Rosemary was in a state of complete lethargy for the next two months – quite unlike her usual self: resting didn’t seem to help and she was afraid of doing any exercise other than gentle walking. She became quite desperate and had no idea where to turn for help when her cardiologist referred her to CP+R.

Since her original referral, Rosemary has made outstanding progress towards her goals. She describes CP+R as her ‘lifeline – a beacon of hope offering an expert team dedicated to helping me achieve the best possible quality of life.’

‘The care, the constant encouragement and especially the emotional support I’ve always experienced are invaluable. This gives me the determination to continue when things get difficult. I’m happily continuing at CP+R:I rely on the team to help me when health difficulties occur and as far as is possible to enable me once again to do the things in life I enjoy. I am so lucky to have such wonderful support – living longer better is a great goal and thanks to CP+R I hope I may do that!’

We started helping Paul in 2014 after his cardiologist referred him to us. Following a diagnosis of hypertension and the insertion of two percutaneous coronary interventions, Paul was experiencing heart palpitations and breathlessness on exertion leading to high stress and anxiety, particularly around exercise.

Our work with Paul predominantly involved increasing both his physical ability and his confidence. We began by assessing his baseline statistics, in particular his cardiovascular markers, in order to safely prescribe as well as monitor and track performance. We also reviewed his cardiovascular capacity and educated him on how to effectively prepare his body for exercise. We then prescribed a clinical programme to gradually improve his cardiovascular capacity. Throughout Paul’s journey, we provided consistent support and feedback on his performance against our plan. For him, it was the combination of the detailed prescription and the emotional support that was crucial to his recovery

Georgie suffered a myocardial infarction and cardiac arrest in October 2018. She was left with an ejection fraction of 39% and was placed on a number of cardiac medications. Georgie joined CP+R in February 2019 with the cause of her MI still unclear, still experiencing fatigue and breathlessness and really unsure how to exercise safely and effectively.

She did fanastically well training twice per week in clinic and a year later Georgie has seen a significant increase in her strength and fitness levels with a concomitant decrease in fatigue and breathlessness. Moreover, Georgie now has the confidence to perform both resistance and cardiovascular exercise and is now able to plan the next stages of life with University on the horizon this year!


 David, myocardial infarction

“I had a heart attack followed by a triple bypass operation. This of course was a shock but especially as I thought I was a very fit sixty year old. Football twice a week as a young man, three marathons, tennis and gym four times a week. During my first CP+R session I was checked over most thoroughly. Not just blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol etc., but also every body measurement possible and photographs of my posture. Since that time I have been working one-to-one with my clinical exercise specialist. I very much enjoy it and the results have been terrific. Cholesterol down, weight down, fitness up, even body shape improvement. All the CES’ are brilliant, not just in sessions but with constant encouragement and enthusiasm. One big plus is diet. The difference in what I eat now as to what I was eating in the first weeks has been transformed. I now have a healthy balanced diet of which I can really feel the benefit.”