About Long Covid

Currently, 10-15% per cent of individuals are still experience symptoms 60 days after contracting Covid-19. 1 in 9 people are still taking sick leave. Of the 3.54 million Covid-19 cases (21/1/21), 350,000 people need further support to recover. In the near future, there could be as many as 500,000 individuals who need clinical support and there is currently no national or global standard for this care.

Reported symptoms include persistent fatigue, breathlessness and deconditioning. This does not include those suffering ICU syndrome and the physical deterioration caused by lengthy hospital stays.

Our Long Covid rehabilitation

With no national or global guidance on Long Covid rehab, we are leading the way. Our rehabilitation programme is based on pulmonary and cardiac exercise rehab, and exercise in CFS/ME research as these represent the closest sequelae of physiological mechanisms to Covid-19.

As with our current programmes, our Long Covid rehabilitation programmes are bespoke, but all clients will be provided a full CP+R clinical assessment, with adaptations as appropriate to each person’s physical state. We will also work alongside your GP or consultant to ensure an holistic approach.

You will subsequently receive three key areas of exercise and lifestyle support:

BMJ (British Medical Journal) guidelines

The BMJ proposes a 5 phase process for returning to physical activity. Our programme is in line with this.

The benefits

Undertaking the CP+R Long Covid Programme will not only significantly improve your own Covid-19 recovery and overall health, you will also be contributing to ground-breaking, life-saving research into a new and deadly disease.

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