We offer a private, bespoke and tailored lifestyle and health process. We will review your clinical background, your lifestyle, your emotional state, your eating habits, your activity and fitness levels, and your personal life goals in order to design your holistic health plan.

We focus on individual care with a clinical focus. We want to inspire and motivate you to transform your health and see life-changing results. We give you intellectual property so you can make informed decisions. Our clinically-minded, outcome driven approach is the reason that our medical referral sources, the world’s leading health professionals, stake their reputation on us and keep referring to us. They trust us.

We help you live longer, better.

Our service includes:

  • One-to-one sessions with your personal Cardiac Coach
  • A heart rate monitor and step count tracker that is monitored by your Cardiac Coach
  • A full clinical assessment of 22 baseline physiological and psychological markers
  • Continuous clinical reassessments measuring changes and improvements
  • Tailored exercise prescription, nutrition and lifestyle support
  • Direct communication to your GP or consultant and wider medical team
  • Full-time support from the CP+R team, including the Cardiac Coach and clinical nurse


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