Although Peter had some previous training experience, back in 2018 he was keen to find a clinically designed individual programme with expert guidance to help him toward his goals. He was introduced to CP+R by a friend who was already a CP+R athlete.

As he works in a high-pressured environment being physically and mentally strong are of paramount importance to him. His main goals have been centred on maximising his energy levels and maintaining physical fitness. Peter’s CP+R programme helped him manage a balanced diet, focus on the right sleep pattern as well as creating a consistent clinically monitored physical training regime. He now follows a tailored running programme with a combination of steady state and interval sessions and has recently completed his first 10KM running race.

Peter is a 3 times a week CP+R athlete and will readily testify to the benefits he has seen in terms of a boost to energy levels and maximising his performance at work.

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Rosemary’s journey to CP+R started on the Trans-Siberian Railway in June 2018 when she fell ill with bronchitis and later pneumonia. Declining the offer of hospitalisation in Novosibirsk, she stayed on the train and on returning home went straight to A&E, where she was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. After discharge Rosemary was referred to her cardiologist, who first carried out an unsuccessful cardioversion. She then underwent surgery to install a pacemaker, and an ablation to burn out the AV heart node.

Rosemary was in a state of complete lethargy for the next two months – quite unlike her usual self: resting didn’t seem to help and she was afraid of doing any exercise other than gentle walking. She became quite desperate and had no idea where to turn for help when her cardiologist referred her to CP+R.

Since her original referral, Rosemary has made outstanding progress towards her goals. She describes CP+R as her ‘lifeline – a beacon of hope offering an expert team dedicated to helping me achieve the best possible quality of life.’

‘The care, the constant encouragement and especially the emotional support I’ve always experienced are invaluable. This gives me the determination to continue when things get difficult. I’m happily continuing at CP+R:I rely on the team to help me when health difficulties occur and as far as is possible to enable me once again to do the things in life I enjoy. I am so lucky to have such wonderful support – living longer better is a great goal and thanks to CP+R I hope I may do that!’

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  • Diana, low confidence and anxiety

    “It took courage for me to contact CP+R. I wasn’t sure if I was truly “ill” but I did know that how I was feeling was affecting my quality of life. From the very first meeting I have felt supported, reassured and encouraged by the team at CP+R. A year on my life has turned around in terms of confidence to cope with atopic beats and stress. The benefits of improved physical fitness have been tremendous. I would recommend CP+R to anyone, not just those suffering from acute cardiac problems.”

  • Christopher, hypertension

    “I was referred to CP+R with anxiety about my health and fairly low self confidence. The team listened carefully to my concerns, were respectful but keen to motivate and designed a flexible programme that was quickly effective and fun. Each ‘athlete’ is seen as whole person and finding a suitable, sustainable lifestyle is part of the journey.

    My clinical exercise specialist is always knowledgable, interested and focused. She breathes confidence into the process and I feel safe but stretched. Over the months that I have worked with her she has built a quality of rapport that one would find hard to find anywhere else. I have become fitter than I have been in decades, have lost over a stone and a half in weight and now have energy throughout the day and into the evenings. My stress levels have subsided, my health concerns have virtually vanished and I have become positive and excited about the future. My family and friends have noticed this huge change and I even negotiated my 60th birthday recently without a care in the world!”

  • Dr RJS, poor fitness

    “For a wizened cynic reluctant to exercise and slim, CP+R offers a highly professional, sympathetic and hands-on approach to achieve the goals of a better lifestyle, improved energy, weight reduction and a complete loss of synisism.  Outstandingly good!”

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