Top 5 Tips to Eating Healthy When Travelling


Travelling, whether for work or pleasure – time away from home is a large part of our busy lives. This can be a barrier to those all-important health goals. We often forget about nutrition and healthy eating the minute we set foot in the departure lounge. Maintaining good choices not only helps you stay on track with your health goals, but will also help your body to cope with the effects of travelling. Keeping you energised and ready to make the most of your trip.

We have compiled tops tips to help you stay healthy whilst travelling, as well as example food diaries as a guide to help you score 100% whether you’re on holiday or working away.

Top tips:

  1. Carry a refillable water bottle with you when travelling and ensure you drink plenty of water, especially when flying.
  2. Plan ahead and pack some healthy snacks in your bag, or case such as a bag of mixed nuts or trail mix.
  3. In-flight meals can be high in salt and lack positive nutrition, so pick up a healthy option before you board from somewhere like Pret or Itsu. Pick something with lean protein and wholegrain carbohydrates to keep you satisfied.
  4. Kick start your day with healthy choices from the buffet, or ask the chef to make you an omelette, overdoing it first thing will leave you sluggish for the rest of the morning.
  5. Embrace the local cuisine and produce, take the chance to try new foods and experience new flavours.

Secret treat tip: Did you know chocolate milk is a great post workout drink? It has double the amount of carbs and protein, compared to water plain milk or sports drinks, therefore perfect for replenishing tired muscles.